prashant chaudhary

Prashant chaudhary

I am Prashant Chaudhary, I have 10+ years of experience in software test automation, performance & process automation with various commercial and open source tool

I am living in NCR with my 2 beautiful daughters, wife and parents. I like to listen music, do blogging in my spare time.

This blog shares my experience on the topic of Automation. The content published on my blog is solely mine, it does not express the views of any of my employers (current or previous).

I wanted to share my knowledge/work on automation which i am learning, with Test Automation community. Since many years i am working on selenium therefore i choose to post my blogs around selenium only.

Some of my articles published in leading Website/blogs/forums-


1- https://yourstory.com/mystory/7b8fba5f5d-will-there-be-a-man-or

Cutter Consortium-


2- https://www.cutter.com/article/Before-You-Go-RPA-Post-Implementation-Analysis-496306

IBM DevelopersWorks Community-


Tools i worked on –

1-Automation Tools- IBM RFT, Selenium, Uft, SeeTest, Testim
2- Mobile Automation- Perfecto, Appium, Austere, Trap Phoenix
3-Performance Tools- IBM RPT, Empirix, HTTPWatch
4-RPA Tools- Automation Anywhere
5-CI Tools- VSO, Jenkins, Bamboo

Please send me your suggestion/queries – [email protected]