These days, In most of the IT organizations, they are moving fast towards implementing automation or planning for that.

One of the key requirement for them is transforming skillset of their manual testers. vice-versa, as an impact of this planning manual testers are confused with their career, some of the common questions which I faced while interacting with them are mentioned below –

Manual Tester(MT)- From where to start the automation.

Recommendation- Start with –

Step One- learning Html first, understand different tags, xpath, Css formation. \as locating a web object is the most important thing in automation.

There are many plugin/tools available using which one can find xpath, Css automatically but to begin with, i suggest user should be aware of basic xpath and css-selector formation

Some of the common locator plugins are

i- For Firefox- firebug, firepath

ii- For Chrome-Chropath

Step 2-

Select a scripting language, considering selenium, there are many language which selenium supports like

1- Java- It has huge online content and support

2- C#- Second preference after Java

3- Python- It has started picking up fast by automation developers but as compared to java less online groups/forums though the good thing is in python there is lesser lines of code user has to write as compared to java. To learn Python fast, you need to sign up for an instructor led Python course.

MT- I don’t understand the term framework.

Response-Its nothing but – How you have frame your work. In other words, Managing your test data, handling your code library and result logging reporting is what is called Framework.

At a high level, there are 4 types of frameworks-

1- Linear Framework

2- Data-driven Framework

3- Keyword driven Framework

4- Modular Framework

5- BDD Framework

MT- Will functional testing die?

Response-Impossible, Manual testing is the backbone of QA, it can be reduced but can never die and so the manual testing jobs. The only thing which I believe will happen is the Organisation will hire automation engineer instead of manual and manual testing work will be done by automation tester.

MT- Heard of cutting edge test automation tools in the market which require no coding.

Response- Ther are many tools which claim to a minimum to no coding as they are utilizing Artificial intelligence and machine learning. some of the leading tools are-


2- QA Rainforest

3- pCloudy etc

MT- What is CICD , in every interview CICD Jenkins question is asked. I am not sure

Response- CICD stands for continuous integration continous delivery. To match pace with agile delivery process CICD is evolved where complete process of dev code deployment, unit testing, test automation is being automated. There are various tools which are used for the same. These tools are-

1- Jenkins

2- Bamboo

3- VSO- Visual studio online

MT- What is the use of git repository-

Response- Git is a distributed version control system for tracking changes in source code during software development and maintenance. It is used for coordinating work among software programmers, though it can also be used to track changes in any set of files. Its goals include speedup process, data integrity. It can help in segregating various builds and version.