Selenium Tricks-How to handle driver click issue while page navigation .

Test Automation

It is quite common that while doing web automation(using selenium) test script fails because of some exception where driver did not clicked to a web object even when same(webobject) is available, which can be handled by keeping implicit, explicit wait however it is possible sometimes that even if a element exist selenium driver does not click. Usually stale element exception or webdriver exception is the error which comes for such cases.

This issue mostly occur when on clicking a button or a menu another page should open to handle such transaction or workflows we can use do-while loop (java) to handle it.

Below written code can be used, In below code script is trying to click a button until label of next page is not read .
a counter Counter is being initialize as zero in the beginning and inside do-while loop
driver is first clicking that button and trying to match label value inside if condition, On matching if condition script is increasing counter value to 1 and breaking the loop.

int Counter=0

String str ;
str = driver.findelement(By.Xpath("Page2Label")).gettext();
catch(Exception ex)

while(Counter == 0)

Above code will go in a do-while loop and perform click action until it find next page label. This is one fine way to handling such selenium exception where click is not happening normally.

I have used this piece of code more often using web automation. Hope this post will help you in finding simple and unique way of handling driver click failure issue.

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