Automation Anywhere is designed so elegantly that every aspect of process automation is considered, from bot creation to its execution, setting triggers, creating workflows and till its monitoring and result reporting.

Every project should have one control room assigned or more precisely we can say that for an individual client there should be one control room assigned.

In Automation Anywhere there are primarily 2 Interfaces-

1- Client

1-Used for Developing a bot, designing a workflow from a bot, creating triggers

Q What is a bot-
A Set of instructions created using Automation Anywhere commands.

Q What is a trigger
A Triggers have scheduled activities based on certain condition. e.g. Running of specific bot when a folder is updated or a file is updated.

Q What are workflows
A Workflows are flow diagram where bots can be called in a set of sequence e.g. Calling of bots in a sequence if this bot fail then which bot to run.

2- Control room-

As the name suggests it is an interface where over all process is being monitored, which runner is running which task along with its execution status.

Below defined is the sequence of events in Automation Anywhere tool-

1- Creation of a bot with developer license
2- Uploading of bot/workflow and trigger in control room
3-Once you upload your files in control room go to Repository(from client access) and check the status of files.
if a previously uploaded file has some changes then Tool tells with caption (old, same, new).
3- Running of bot in runner machine from control room
4- Verification /Monitoring of execution from control room

SVN is also configurable in Automation Anywhere with some limited features.

As a best practice upload all files in control room from your developer e.g. Bots(atmx files), workflows(wkfx), Trigger and run your bots from there.

Keep Automating!!!