Web automation is always considered challenging in comparison with a desktop. We see a lot of exceptions because of sync issues in web applications. In Automation anywhere there are set of features which handle such exceptions effectively.

To begin with those first we need to understand what are basic controls available in Automation Anywhere for web automation.

Click on the left command panel, You can see Web Recorder, double click on it, You can see a pop-up window with various option.

For a web automation first thing is to launch a web page using Default selected radio button which is for Open browser(Refer Below Image)

To identify a web control and to perform an action(Click on the button, value insertion inside text box) manage Web control is required to use.Once on clicking on it, select Url/Page radio button and click on capture.

As a best practice try to manually navigate process flow before automating. Also, to handle sync issue try to use delay command wisely. Mostly sync issues occur at various entry and exit point e.g before beginning of a new page or Pop-up. Delay in AutomationAnywhere have various settings to therefore try to optimize your script by using most optimal(delay for ms/sec, delay during specific time period etc) delay command.

Automation Anywhere takes you to the webpage and ask you to take the cursor to that web control.Click on that designated web control which you wanted to capture.

Web properties of that designated control will appear under Type and Value caption(refer Below Image)
Click on Advance View button to set values(From System variable, or spreadsheet).

Advance View of Manage web control where set Text action is selected with text to set on the text box.

Quick Tips-

1- For web controls which have Div as an object property, Use Image Recognition as the same is the best solution.
2- In Image recognition, Ideally Match percentage should be 100 and Tolerance should be 0.
3- Enable check box at the bottom of the image is not recognized for the first time for repetitions.
4- Use delays wisely as in web automation most of the failures are due to sync issues.
5- Prefer Keystroke over other option (Coordinates based identification) as Keystroke is most robust control.
6- Avoid using window control, as it identifies using coordinates and coordinates based object identification is prone to failure.