In this post, we will understand Automation Anywhere (AA) tool installation pre-requisite and well as its architectural flow.

The sequence of installation will be –

1- IIS
2- Framework Setup(AA)
3- Sql Express/SQL 2014
4- Control room setup
5- Client installation

After installation of above, there will be 3 icons available on your machine –

1- Automation Anywhere Enterprise Control Room -All automated scripts/task are uploaded in control room, control room can schedule execution of the task in remote machine/bots.
2- AA Enterprise Client-A remote/local machine from where a developer or a runner can log in to create and run the automated task.
3- Automation Anywhere Enterprise Control Room Migration Utility-For migration, from older version into new AA setup

We mainly require Control room and client

Basic configuration after installation-

Step 1- Go to Control room
Step 2- Open User Management, create User
Step 3- User can have a category like a developer, runner etc. Create a Dev and Runner user.
Step 4- Save it
Step 5- Now your machine is ready, log in to the client(login using created user) and paste control room url along with credentials. Create your first Bot using Automation Anywhere inbuilt 237+ commands.

Architectural overview of Automation anywhere-

Architecture of automation anywhere tool revolves around 2 components which are-
Control room and client. In the client, the task can be created (script) and same can be uploaded in control room.

Automation anywhere-Tool Flow

These are the key items in control room-

1-User Management-User creation, rights access
2-Audit trail-Logs capturing, Helps in identifying actual number of bot required for task
3-Dashboard-Monitoring bots activities
4-Task scheduler-Scheduling bots execution
5-Setting-General setting in control room

Once after a TASK is automated, same is uploaded in control room, it can be executed in any of the client machine or bot.

Ideally, it’s one control room per customer where the customer can monitor their process automation status for different projects/processes.

Execution of a bot can be observed or monitored from control room dashboard.
The dashboard contains all logs of bot execution.

While creating bots using AA tool we will mainly require-

1-Logic to create bot
4-Variable(Global and local)

There are around 237+ commands in Automation Anywhere tool. These commands are used to write bots. A Developer used to call required command for writing a logical flow.

Automation Anywhere is an advanced script writing tool where code logic is pre written, a developer only has to use controls wisely to achieve desired output. Other, automation tool like selenium, UFT where there is code logic is required to write for emulating user behavior where as in AA no coding is required.The strength of Automation Anywhere lies with in their controls, UI is clear and self-explanatory.

Automation anywhere is industry’s leading tool, Creating a bot is relatively easier than its competitor as well as its control room features and robust scripts make it more valuable. Soon, we will have SPA-Smart process automation which will be artificial intelligence enabled, IQBot will carry similar feature for SPA .