Robotic process automation-Tool selection and process prioritization

Automation prioritization

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
Tool selection and process prioritization-

The success of RPA depends on a lot on its implementation approach, tool selection and business process selection for automation. In this post, we will be discussing on-

1- Tool selection – Selecting best pick for your processes.
2- Business process selection – How to prioritize it

Find below matrix to understand tool selection approach.

1-Tool Selection-There are various tools available in the market for business process automation but to select tool for our business need we need to think thoughtfully.

We have taken UIPath and other dummy tools in tools comparison and mentioned features(1,2,3) for understanding purpose

The actual score is the product of feature value and Need priority e.g. feature 1 and Need Priority which is 3 in the first row which makes the score as 3(3*1). We have taken UIPath as a sample, please do not assume it is the best pick for your automation need. It may or may not be the best, same can be decided after using above analysis basis on feature and need priority calculation with actual tools.

Above matrix contains a lot of legends/value, please refer below for detailed definition-

A detailed PoC is recommended before finalizing best fit tool for your process automation need.

As per analysis and industry trends-

1- Ease of development/Deployment is best in Automation Anywhere and relatively high in Blueprism
2- Ease of Handover is best in Automation Anywhere and relatively high in Bueprism.

2-Business process selection-After successful tool selection for your process next we have to identify the processes to be automated. Firstly it’s nice to have the complete list of all currently running processes in your current operation, Then prioritize it as per below image. Now, here severity is how critical is the process. Our aim should be to catch the low hanging fruits first with respect to severity.

Now once we have the severity of processes, then start planning the implementation roadmap with starting from lowest to most critical process. Refer below image for linear implementation of process automation.

In Association with

Summarizing above, if we have a good tool for our process automation on and right prioritization of processes then our half job done. Henceforth, we need a strategy covering the creation of bots and their maintenance which we will be covering in next post. Keep reading.

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