Selenium Basic

Selenium-First step, How to launch a web browser

Introduction – In this blog post, we will see how to run first test in selenium and what are necessary configuration required for invoking browser. There are 2 basic configuration to invoke a browser. 1- First configuration, download selenium standalone jar. Visit - , Refer below screenshot.   Config the …

Test Automation

What is ITestListner interface and its Use in Selenium

There are several interfaces available in TestNG that allow you to modify TestNG’s behavior or to give test scripts additional strength. These interfaces are broadly called “TestNG Listeners”. Here are a few listeners which are commonly used: 1- IAnnotationTransformer 2- IAnnotationTransformer2 3- IHookable 4- IInvokedMethodListener 5- IMethodInterceptor 6- IReporter 7- …

Test Automation

How to Capture Screenshot in Selenium Webdriver-3 different ways

Abstract– Capturing screenshot is an essential feature of a test automation framework, They help in defect analyses once after test execution is over. In this blog post we will see how to capture screenshot, there are different ways to capture screenshots. Which includes- 1- Capture full Page 2- Capturng full …

Automation by Artifical Intelligence
Test Automation

TestNG-Definition, Examples and its Usage

TestNG is a testing framework inspired from JUnit and NUnit, its existing features has make it more powerful. TestNg provide seamless integration with Jira, Jenkins, Cucumber, Maven etc It has given rich libraries for better test development to Software test developers . Some of the common features(Referred of TestNg …

Test Automation

Selenium Tricks-How to handle driver click issue while page navigation .

It is quite common that while doing web automation(using selenium) test script fails because of some exception where driver did not clicked to a web object even when same(webobject) is available, which can be handled by keeping implicit, explicit wait however it is possible sometimes that even if a element …

Test Automation

Hard, Soft Assert and custom assert in selenium

TestNG provide wide range of assert options which helps an automation tester to validate actual and expected. Most commonly, there are 2 types of assert in selenium- 1- Hard Assert- Which skips remaining script if Assert is failed, skipping remaining assert. Say there are 10 Assert inside a script and …