RPA Implementation

Key decisions in an RPA Implementation

Transforming business and implementing process automation is a strategic approach. Any gap or incorrect decision can impact the desired RoI. Let us have a look at some of the mistakes organisations make while implementing an RPA project are- 1- Wrong Tool selection 2- Incorrect process selection 3- Gap in Risk …

bot uploading

Automation Anywhere-Uploading bot in control room and its execution in runner

Automation Anywhere is designed so elegantly that every aspect of process automation is considered, from bot creation to its execution, setting triggers, creating workflows and till its monitoring and result reporting. Every project should have one control room assigned or more precisely we can say that for an individual client …

automation anywhere image recognition

Automation Anywhere-Essentials of Web Automation-II

In this post we will see how to use Image based recognition and how to handle title of a web page which is dynamic in nature. In Automation Anywhere tool if a web control is Div then use Image recognition rather than any other option as same is best-recomended solution …

Web Application Automate

Automation Anywhere-Essentials of Web Automation-I

Web automation is always considered challenging in comparison with a desktop. We see a lot of exceptions because of sync issues in web applications. In Automation anywhere there are set of features which handle such exceptions effectively. To begin with those first we need to understand what are basic controls …


Automation Anywhere-Variables and writing your first Bot

In this post we will see how to create a user defined variable along with how to print a variable in message box and writing your first bot. Open Automation Anywhere client and create new task, at the bottom right there is a menu option called Variable manager, please find …

Automation Anywhere tool Installation

Automation Anywhere-Installation, configuration and overview

In this post, we will understand Automation Anywhere (AA) tool installation pre-requisite and well as its architectural flow. The sequence of installation will be – 1- IIS 2- Framework Setup(AA) 3- Sql Express/SQL 2014 4- Control room setup 5- Client installation After installation of above, there will be 3 icons …

RPA Lifecycle

RPA-Life cycle and team structure

While navigating to my Quora time-line I found several questions around RPA basics. I thought to respond to those questions. Since the list is long I have planned to cover questions-related to the lifecycle of a bot and organizational structure. Questions around the same topic were- 1-Recommended process for RPA …

RPA Tool Comparison

Robots, Process Automation and tools

RPA bots can replace multiple person efforts in significantly less time with minimal or relatively few hardware/resources. In this post we will understand the term Bots, Bot is a term derived from a robot. The robot was a term which was coined by Karel Čapek. A computer or process robot/bot …

RPA Automation Benefits

RPA-How It is beneficial and associated common myths

Automation bots are quickly replacing manual repetitive task and increasing accuracy and overall quality of organizations processes. There are various parameters on which we can compare them(with manual). Few of them are listed below Myth-Industry is quickly moving towards implementing RPA because of above-compared benefits however there are several myths …

Automation prioritization

Robotic process automation-Tool selection and process prioritization

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)– Tool selection and process prioritization- The success of RPA depends on a lot on its implementation approach, tool selection and business process selection for automation. In this post, we will be discussing on- 1- Tool selection – Selecting best pick for your processes. 2- Business process …