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What is JAR file, De-compiling selenium JAR

JAR stands for Java Archive Files, to understand a jar file, de-compile it and then extracted files can help in understanding the underlying layers and architecture. How to de-compile a JAR file There are various opensource tools/software available using which a jar file can be de-compiled, I will be using …

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Selenium Tricks-How to handle driver click issue while page navigation .

It is quite common that while doing web automation(using selenium) test script fails because of some exception where driver did not clicked to a web object even when same(webobject) is available, which can be handled by keeping implicit, explicit wait however it is possible sometimes that even if a element …

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Hard, Soft Assert and custom assert in selenium

TestNG provide wide range of assert options which helps an automation tester to validate actual and expected. Most commonly, there are 2 types of assert in selenium- 1- Hard Assert- Which skips remaining script if Assert is failed, skipping remaining assert. Say there are 10 Assert inside a script and …

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How to pass selenium webdriver object to another class

In Selenium test script it is required to use or perform an action on current driver instance of browser(Chrome, IE, firefox etc). it is therefore required to use the same driver object if the driver usage requirement in another class. How to pass it or how to get that same …

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5 important Tricks/Methods in selenium automation

In test automation using selenium, there are a couple of methods which are effective and useful. Some of these important tricks/Methods are mentioned below. 1- getPagesource-Reading page source of a web page, using getpagesource method, which brings full page source, it brings same page source value which brings on right …

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3 Easy steps for Running selenium scripts in Sauce Labs

Hello Readers, Its been a long time publishing any post, I have done a small execution of selenium script in a remotely placed device on saucelabs. Below piece of code will help you in doing the same. There are 3 simple steps to connect and run your automation script in …

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Test Automation some useful selenium hacks

Selenium Hacks- In this post I will be sharing some quick tips on selenium,Below are some of the code snippets that I mostly used when I am creating java test cases using selenium webdriver. I hope the same will help you save some time in your test script creation. These …

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Test Automation-Easy steps to create test-output folder Backup in TestNG automatically

Overview– TestNG is widely used and most preferred in test automation, It contains several features that are beneficial for Unit testing, regression, and Integration testing. In this article we will see out report generated by Test-NG can be copied in every run. Test-NG generate its execution report in test-output folder, …

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Free Plugins for web browser automation

There are a lot of commercial automation tool available however if need and budget is limited then It is not always advisable to go for commercial tools. there are options available for in open source and free(with limited features tool/plugin. Below are 2 open source/free available tools/plugin for browser automation …

RPA Implementation

Key decisions in an RPA Implementation

Transforming business and implementing process automation is a strategic approach. Any gap or incorrect decision can impact the desired RoI. Let us have a look at some of the mistakes organisations make while implementing an RPA project are- 1- Wrong Tool selection 2- Incorrect process selection 3- Gap in Risk …