How to handle Stale Element Reference exception in Selenium Webdriver

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In this post we will see how to handle how to handle stale element reference exception. First of all we should understand what is stale element –

Stale Element means an old element or no longer available element. Assume there is an element that is found on a web page referenced as a WebElement in WebDriver.

Possible causes for an stale element exception-

1 -The element has been deleted entirely.

2- The element is no longer attached to the DOM.

How to fix or handle it

Solution 1

Most easy easy out to handle this is to refresh the page, On refreshing it, most of the time driver found the element, But its not the perfect solution-


Solution 2-

The second option you can try is to place your driver interaction command inside some loop and to repeating that for a couple of times, 2-3 times, refer below code.

for(int i=0;i<=3;i++) { try{ driver.findElement("Property").click(); break; } } catch(Exception e) { System.out.println("Exception-Element not found"); } }

however this method is also but hardcoded and not generic, it can also fail, if even after 3 attempt element is not found however its best to use third option which is placing Do-While loop .

Solution 3-

Use a do-While loop on an element which is causing stale element exception-Initialize a counter with Zero and iterate and identify webelement, once its enabled and displayed perform action and exit from loop.

int Counter=0

String str ;

if(driver.findelement( && driver.findelement( )
catch(Exception ex)

while(Counter == 0)

Using a do-while loop is most generic and perfect solution for such stale element exceptions, it sould be able to find element even if it appear a bit late after loading a web page.

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