Automation Anywhere-Essentials of Web Automation-II

automation anywhere image recognition

In this post we will see how to use Image based recognition and how to handle title of a web page which is dynamic in nature.

In Automation Anywhere tool if a web control is Div then use Image recognition rather than any other option as same is best-recomended solution

Below figure is UI of Image recognition feature in Automation Anywhere tool.

Do following steps-

1- Select window(web page which you want to automate) from drop down
2- Click on capture, this capture feature contains 2 level of element capturing
a- Capturing parent(large area)
b- Capturing smaller are(within large area captured)
3- If you can see in the image above Email and compose are the area which is captured in First capture option.
4- In Gmail title count of email is mentioned to handle the same replace the dynamic count with an asterisk(*).
4- Now select second capture option and select compose as the object compose is having Div property, therefore, preferred to use Image recognition for it.
5- Select Quick test and if it find image tool will give success message else you have 2 option-
a-Set Match percentage
b-Set Tolerance
6-There is an interesting option which is Repeat if Image not found which is logically a loop with a defined upper limit and duration of attempt to find that particular element.

Ideally greater the Match percentage value and lesser the tolerance value is the best case. Try adjusting these values if quick Test is not bringing a successful result.

Try using the above and let me know if you face any issue.

Keep Automating!!!


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