Automation Anywhere-Variables and writing your first Bot

In this post we will see how to create a user defined variable along with how to print a variable in message box and writing your first bot.

Open Automation Anywhere client and create new task, at the bottom right there is a menu option called Variable manager, please find below image for your reference-

In Variable manager user can create 2 types of variable-

a- System variable– Predefined list of system variables which are used in bot creation

b- User defined variables-User defined variable are of two types variables with values and variable without values which are also known as null variables. Null variables are used mostly at places where values are required to compare to perform various If/Else operation.

Below figure is User defined variable creation screen(click on add button in above screen)-

Below figure is a snapshot of system variables This list of system variables contains data which is required in day to day clerical process like, working on excel column, rows, extracting date(day, month, year), Various variable that helps in performing loop operation etc

Below Image contains a user defined variable with value “Hello World ” is being filled. Click on message box in from list of available command from left command panel, Now once message box pop up box opens press f2, this will bring variables(user defined and system variables), select the user defined variables which we just created(“Hello World”)

Now we will edit and print this value of user defined variable in a message box. On the left side there is a list of commands(237+)-

a- Select Message box and press f2.
b- Now type”This is my first bot”
c- Click on save

Save the task and run it, Your first bot is ready and a message is being printed in message box-

Hello World This is my first bot

Automation anywhere tool contains list of commands which helps in writing bots quickly. Also, Bots are easier to maintain and execution is easy to control. We will have a look of other features of automation anywhere in coming post,that why this tool is top choice for Robotic process automation.


Nice content!!! Keep posting.

I got a quick question. How do you implement a solution in Automation Anywhere when there is a human intervention I.e. human decision is required in a particular step.

In tools like openspan this can be achieved by providing the ui to the user to select the decision based on which the automation can be triggered.

How can this be done in automation anywhere? This is more in terms of front office tasks.

Appreciate your quick response.


Thanks for your comments Sid!!!

There are triggers which can be configured once a manual job is done triggers can be configured.
e.g.- There is a process which generate some file, further processing require some manual step and once that step is cone remaining stages can be achieved by Bot itself. Only thing require is the usage triggers.


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