Digital transformation and RPA

Concept of RPA

Digital transformation is top trending technical Buzz word in today’s world.

What is the meaning of Digital Transformation and technical changes it is bringing ?

Digital transformation is the thoughtful conversion of business and organizational task, processes & methodologies/models to fully utilize the changes and opportunities in a mix of digital technologies and their accelerating force across society in a planned and linked way.

Also, we can also term it as conversion of information from analog to digital form.

This digital transformation process has enabled much of the technology trends today, some of the changes are-

1- Internet of Things
2- Big data
3- Intra machine communication
4- Utilization of Cloud based infrastructure
5- Digital currencies etc

How is RPA an integral part of Digital transformation?

The two terms RPA and Digital transformation are closely linked, we can better understand it as RPA as one of the most important pillars in transforming an organization digitally. RPA enables or helps an organization to adapt transforming digitally.

What changes does will this digital transformation bring and how is RPA benefitting it?

Areas where RPA help organization-

1- In reducing workforce
2- In improving quality
3- In increasing productivity
4- Lesser time to market

If we consider above areas we can see these are the key objective of a digitally transformed unit.

RPA has become a deciding factor within organizations, to get ahead in the race Organizations wants to move fast, move digitally. RPA works as an accelerator to achieve the same.

RPA is being used in various industries backend processes like-

1- Banking
2- Healthcare
3- Travel etc

To conclude, optimization is a necessary element we require once after final design of any IT/ITES task, RPA plays a vital role in optimizing it in terms of time, quality and efficiency.

On the basis of various reports, RPA will grow upto 2-3 $ B USD value in next 4-5 years or may be more in value, and will help in the digital transformation of organizations and will help to save the much bigger value($).

Digital transformation requires RPA to achieve above optimization so that Organisations can add value to their respective businesses.

Its Prashant Chaudhary, I have 10+ years of experience in software test automation, performance & process automation with various commercial and open source tools. This blog shares my experience on the topic of Automation. The content published on my blog is solely mine, it does not express the views of any of my employers (current or previous).

I have experienced in automation framework designing, planning, doing maturity assessment of automation (F/W, scripts) and automation tool evaluation. Good understanding in various kinds of automation- that includes Application, and Process Automation. Implemented various CI tools, Used VSO, Jenkins, and Bamboo for implementing Test automation in CI/CD and robotic process automation using open source solution(Selenium). Skilled in leading automation team, managing vendors in automation & functional QA projects.

Tool Knowledge-
Selenium WebDriver, IBM RFT, HP UFT, Appium, Sahi Pro, Sikuli
Mobile Automation- Appium, Perfecto, Nokia Automation Tools- Auster, Phoenix, Trap
Performance Testing tool- IBM RPT, JMeter, Empirix, Neoload HttpWatch.
CI Tools- VSO, Jenkins and Bamboo

I Completed my B.Tech in computer science from UPTU University – Lucknow in the year 2007.

I like to write on selenium/Automation in my spare time . I started writing this blog 2 year ago and now my blog has grown upto 1000+Subscribers.

Drop me an email if you have any query or any help is required in Automation.

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